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Digimon Card Game Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 Boosterbox


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Includes 2x 1.0 Dash Pack

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Includes 2 Dash packs

With the Digimon Card Game Use a shared Memory Gauge to play a mix of cards from the famous Digimon, Digitama and Tamers to bypass the opponent's security and win the game with the final blow!

Celebrate the release of the new Digimon Card game with this Special Booster Box!
Each box comes with 3 additional Box Topper Promotions in addition to the 24 Boosterpacks!
With every booster box comes 1 of 10 Alternate-Design Tamer Cards, a Special Box Promotion Pack that includes 1 of 3 special card pairs and with every 12 Booster Packs comes a special Dash Pack that includes 1 of 5 alternate art digimon cards including gold Foil cards and even a Super Rare, That's 2 Dash Packs per Booster box!

The Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 set includes a total of 187 different cards with:
69 Commons
50 Uncommons
45 Rares
20 Super Rares
3 Secret Rares
Each Booster Pack houses 12 involuntary cards and each Booster Box houses 24 Booster Packs

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Fast delivery and very neat prices.
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